Amy For Deschutes




Increasing Affordable Housing

Working class families are getting priced out of Deschutes County. Access to affordable housing is not only about property prices, but it includes access to reliable public transportation for families who are priced out of Bend but continue to contribute to the workforce. I am committed to working collaboratively to come up with solutions to our growing need for innovative transportation options that best serve our residents and our visitors.

Deschutes County can work together with developers and non-profit groups such as Habitat for Humanity to offer county-owned properties and work to offer properties to develop for housing opportunities for families in need.


Access to Mental Health Services and Affordable Health Care

Quality of life and well-being are dependent upon having access to proper physical health, reproductive health, mental health and addiction treatment services.

We need expanded mental health services for all ages, especially teens, veterans and the elderly, and more local addiction treatment beds. A 24-hour crisis center would free our sheriff’s deputies from “babysitting” those in crisis who end up in the Emergency Room, or sending residents in a mental health crisis to jail.

60% of the children in our foster care system have parents with addiction issues. We can invest a little bit in these services now, or expect a huge cost later in life in terms of jail time, increased violence and families destroyed by mental illness and addiction.

As healthcare funding on the state and federal level is shifting, we need a commissioner who understands the long-term outcomes of the decisions that we make now.

My skill set as an experienced nurse in our community is essential to the choices upon us right now.

Supporting Deschutes County Businesses - for Rural and Urban Families

I believe we should prioritize our support of existing local businesses, from high tech companies to our iconic, quirky local shops and businesses that make up the economic vitality of our small towns.

We must encourage economic sustainability by supporting companies devoted to providing alternative energy sources, manufacturing that uses at least 60% recycled materials and businesses that focus on the promotion of health and wellness.

Our cities are not all the same! As we grow, we need to be mindful of the history of industries in our respective cities so that we preserve our unique cultures for generations to come to be proud of their heritage.

Agriculture is an industry that has long contributed to the economy of our region. Legacy Farms and their rights need to be protected and respected.


Protecting our Natural Lands, Clean Water and Air for Future Generations

I came here 22 years ago for the same reasons many of you did - the incredible beauty and recreation opportunities our county offers. Farmers, ranchers, and conservationists have endorsed me for my commitment to preserve our quality of life and to ensure that growth will not destroy or weaken our natural resources.

There will be tough decisions to be made. We are on the precipice of the type of growth that necessitates critical thought and detailed evaluation of the precedents we set in regard to land use. I am committed to making decisions based upon scientific evidence, economic impact studies and intensive forethought as it relates to natural resource decisions.

Thoughtful, Active and Strong Leadership

As a hospice nurse, I advocated for people facing end-of-life across Deschutes County, with very different values, beliefs, income levels, and needs. My commitment to working collaboratively is proven, and I am committed to representing all the voices of Deschutes County.

I have the fiscal management and people management skills developed as the owner of a number of small businesses with staffs of over 50 people and complex budgets.

I have the courage to stand up for my ideas and the collaborative skills to work effectively with city and state officials but above all, I know that as your Commissioner, I will be serving as an extension of you, the people of Deschutes County.